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items, topics for discussion? okay. public comment on future agenda items. seeing none we'll close public comment and our last item? >> is adjournment. >> we are adjourned. thank you linda. and thank you everyone.
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>> hey guys, the weekly buzz, like a blink of the eye the month of january is almost gone, but before we welcome february and tart making valentines day plans let's take advantage and enjoy all of the fun events that this week of january has to offer, here are the top six of the week. january 29th. the rocket raok in the interrichmond host as a free comedy show case, come laugh your socks off with the danny, he is a self-proclaimed make you laugh professional and get ready for serious fun and after all of that laughter, come and join the janet jackson class, come to the studio to learn a medley of the number one hits,
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you got to get the moves right if you want to join in on the fun the classes are free but a $3 donation will be asked to cover the studio costs. for details visit the flash mob's official website. maybe you are not much of a dancer maybe like me and more of an observer if so come to china town this saturday and have yourself a visual feast at the 2013 mini parade and annual flower fair, come and kick off 2013 with the procession of what the larger parade will bring, it begins at saint mary's square and follows the original parade route down grant avenue and make sure to stop by the flower fair and visit over 80 booths and concessions. in other words, loads of fun. and that is the weekly buzz. for more information, about any of these events, visit us at and while you are
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>> let me welcome everyone for coming out to this great kickoff event. mayor lee, supervisor chiu, distinguished guests from the community, city family, all of us coming together. last year we held a pilot project on stockton street to help the merchants and support the merchants in selling their merchandise. we were able -- we were very successful. we got a lot of great feedback from the pilot. so this year again, we are doing the second year of the pilot. all the agencies and the community and the merchants, we got together, and talked about how we can do better. and without further delay, i will ask the mayor to come and say a few words, who is a big
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supporter of this project. mayor lee. >> thank you mohammed. [ applause ] >> i am very happy to be here. is this okay? all right. all right. [ laughter ] all right. first of all, happy new year to everyone. this is what i'm looking forward to every year and i know the merchants and residents and all the small businesses are excited. a year ago board of supervisors president david chiu and i and members of the community discussed how we can continue the economic vitality of the city and clearly we registered a big support for small businesses. i wanted to make sure that everybody neighborhood in the city has a chance of cultural
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celebrations. when it comes to chinese new year, there is a huge celebrate in chinatown. we're a huge destination for visitors, a lot of people come to chinatown to celebrate chinese new year. as people come here, we wanted to help our small businesss with offering some additional space for them, but also make it even safer for our pedestrians. because if you have ever observed chinatown during the chinese new years, and david and i have been quite specific observers about this. you will see families and kids walk into the street in the middle of big buses and cars coming in. we didn't want that to happen. we didn't want anybody's safety to be compromised as we celebrate this new year's. because that would obviously be
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a serious hindrance. our public health director barbara garcia and transportation director ed reiskin, public works agencis, our wastewater management, our police department, we have all gotten together to say how can we do this smarter with our small businesses, our chinese chamber, our stockton street merchant association and all work together to make this a safer experience for everybody? we came up with the idea that maybe we could simply expand the sidewalk by allowing everybody to use the sidewalk properly, but that the storefronts could have some additional space to offer their goods, when the chinese new years is happening, and when people are wanting to buy all the things that they want to do to celebrate the new year's and to come down here and be safe.
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so this pedestrian expansion of our sidewalks was the idea that came forward. we piloted it last year as mohammed explain and thank you to dpw's great work, the pilot was successful. it was successful all around, particularly with our small businesses, particularly with our chinatown youth center and the people who are here to protect pedestrians. all the agencies got back in a very enthusiastic way to say we can do it better this year and get everybody's involvement. so it isn't just the pressure on the police department, that says we got to be safe. it is everybody working together on the front-end to produce an experience that is positive for everyone. so i want to thank supervisor chiu. i want it it thank him for his leadership and the leadership of our constant street leadership. they get a little economic bump.
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that was the year of the dragon that we wanted to do something bold. the year of the serpent is like the mini dragon. it is there to also continue that great experience, but also make sure that we're safe for everyone. and so i want to register that we're going to do this again beginning this saturday. it will go for a couple of weeks before the actual start of chinese new year's, which is february 10th, but that leading up to it, all the merchants and in particular the small businesss along stockton street will get that economic bump as we work with chinatown youth center and all the wonderful non-profits that keep everybody safe on our sidewalks and have that positive experience. this is a great time for the city to celebrate. of course we'll be there from february 10th leading up to the great parade that we have that invites thousands of people here. i know the merchants association, the neighborhood associations, the chamber of
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commerce all see this as a positive way to celebrate our new year's and get everybody involve in a positive way. i'm here with all the different agencies, our parking and traffic to mohammed and his wonderful staff working with our police department, working with sfmta, and the private sector as well. we're already looking at even better practices of picking up the garage earlier, getting the streets cleaner and making sure that we do everything to celebrate positively. everybody clean their house before chinese new year's. get rid of all the bad stuff that happened last year. [ laughter ] bring in the new spirit. this is the way to do it. as we celebrate and i am looking forward to not only a great new year's celebration, but something along the lines of some local football team that we want to celebrate as well [ applause ] thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you, mayor lee.
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and like the mayor said, when we work here in chinatown or in district 3 there is someone that is always there with us, whether it's the broadway streetscape improvement, or the many projects that go on polk street or all around the neighborhood, please ask supervisor david chiu to say a few words >> good morning everyone, happy new year and happy new year of the mini dragon. i want to thank the chinese community coming together for today's announcement, as well as members of the honorary chinese community. this is a conversation that did start as i recall in one of the first meetings that i had with mayor lee when he was elected last year. we talked about how do we ensure that the oldest, historic and most amazing chinatown community in the country can continue to offer a new year's experience that is
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authentic and reflects the community? and i want to thank the city departments for working together for the pilot program. we learned from that and hope to build from that. special thanks to our dpw crew and our police department and our department of public health to make sure that our pedestrians are safe and our private sector partners from ecology. all of us have come together and of course i have to thank the incredible diversity of our merchant community. bennie,pius, all of you who represent the community here. as our economy continues to recover, to make sure our merchants are thriving and this is the idea that will ensure that. i want to thank the folks that represent our residents who are here. we need to make sure we're creating not just a vibrant marketplace and a vibrant community, but we want to make sure that pedestrian safety
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first and foremost. we want to remind folks that our pedestrian accident rates are still much higher than they need to be. so we'll make sure as we move forward with the program that everyone is safe, the merchants are displaying their wares that leave room for all the different transit vehicles to get through. thank you so much for being here. happy new year. >> thank you, supervisor chiu. you heard from the mayor and supervisor chiu, one of the major concerns is pedestrian safety and our partner agency, the san francisco police department has assured us again they will be here and working with everyone to make sure that everything is safe. let me ask captain tom come to the mic to say a few words. >> thank you, mohammed. i wanted to wish everybody a very safe, happy and prosperous new year. as the new year comes we look for ward to the stockton street
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market. we want all the ped steins stay within the sidewalk. we'll have it barricaded off so no one gets into an accident. since this fair will bring in lots of people and business, we want people to be aware of their surroundings. be aware of pickpockets. put your wallet in your front pockets and just have a safe and very prosperous new year's. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you. also as many of you know, stockton from corridor has got a lot of merchants and many of them sell food and merchandise. and enforcing compliance and making sure that business goes well. i'm going to ask dr. garcia to come up to say a few words. >> happy new year. the department of public health as you heard pedestrian safety about three or four times again
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and i will say pedestrian safety is one of our major goals in the health department, along with food safety. we believe pedestrian safety is the utmost importance, but we also believe that the safety of the food, the people will be selling is also important to us and we'll be working closely with the merchants to ensure that they also follow the local and state law as round this issue. expanding the sidewalks and allowing for merchants to sell their important goods is such an important process to bring those two together. we're also looking at the bicyclists and pedestrians and walkers and those using transit to ensure safe passage through this new year's celebration. i want to thank the merchants specifically in terms of bringing this idea forward and working with the city departments to ensure that we have a wonderful new year's in chinatown. thank you so much. [ applause ]
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>> and stockton corridor, mayor bus corridor, mayor major work to ensure that they run on time and a huge partner mta, ed reiskin is not here, but bond yee is here as they were last year. bond, would you come up and say a few years, please.&good morning everyone. on behalf of my colleague as the sfmta, we need the cooperation of everyone, pedestrians, merchants, the motorists and everyone else who uses the streets. so looking forward to another successful two weeks. happy new year. [ applause ] >> thank you, bond. as you heard, it's a huge partnership on stockton street,
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there are many, many merchants, but representing the merchant group and someone that we have worked with in all details, making sure that the barricades are in the correct space, making sure that all the merchants understand what the rules are, making sure that everyone knows how things are going to work. if there are complaints, who to go to? our partner in the community, pius lee. >> thank you. mayor ed lee, supervisor david chiu, president of the board of supervisors. dpw mohammed, ladies and gentlemen on behalf of chinatown neighborhood association and merchants of stockton street, we want to thank you for your support and also especially our commissioner bennie.
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our chinatown chamber of commerce is here. and chinatown merchants association for their understanding, cooperation and joint effort to help the chinese community continue a long standing cultural traditional program. the chinatown sidewalk merchants display program from january 26th through february 9. as you may know that it is the chinese tradition and custom throughout the world, merchants would close their businesses for the first seven days to celebrate the chinese new year. that is why mayor lee announced today the sidewalk merchant day program. it's for the those in the bay
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area to come to chinatown and prepare for the chinese new year for their families' parties. under the leadership of our director mohammed, all the merchants have been well-instructed on how to comply with all the sidewalk rules. last year the pilot program, we had experienced some problems, but now we are confident that we will do a much better job this year and i can guarantee you, mr. mayor, supervisor, director, we will do a much better job. thank you for all of your help. thank you.
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>> thank you, pius. [ applause ] >> i'm going to ask henry low from the chinese benevolent association. >> thank you. happy new year. i have been in chinatown for a long time, and this year, it seems to be different, you know? everything seems to be more prepared, and more orderly fashion. this year, the new year will be much more progress and hopefully. thank you very much. [ applause ]
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>> so all the details you have. this saturday, the crews will be out, seting up for the chinese new year. it's a great time for the families to be out. happy new year!
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with its elegant rotunda, the reflecting waters of the sub rounding lagoon and fraying rant eucalyptus trees, special dates and memorable proposals. it is the perfect picnic spot to relax with that special someone by listening to water and fountain in the lagoon and gazing as the swans go gracefully by. beautiful to view from many locations along the lagoon and inside the columns is an ideal place to walk around with your loved one. the palace of fine arts is the most popular location in the city arts system. reservations for weddings and other events a [ applause ] >> okay. good afternoon afternoon.
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it is my pleasure to welcome you all here on behalf of the board of directors of st. anthony foundation. this is the groundbreaking for our brand-new dining room with mercy housing 90 units of affordable housing for seniors. [applause] [applause] this is one of the finest examples of collaboration in the non-profit sentor sector and i'm proud to be part of it. on behalf of the board of directors of st. anthony foundation, i want to offer our greatest gratitude and appreciation for all your help. thank you. [ applause ] >> good afternoon everybody. doug shoemaker the president of mercy housing foundation and this is a fabulous day. it doesn't get more complicated than the scenario we put
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together here. that is the san francisco way. if you can do it simply, you wouldn't want do it. [ laughter ] >> so we have tried to make it complicated, but the result is going to be an unbelievable, unbelievable community asset really what st. anthony and mercying housing and what all of our partners are about. there are so many people here that one of the things we're going to have to live with today a long list of thanks. not everyone will speak, but i want to acknowledge many of the people who here today. we're blessed to have leader nancy pelosi here. who has been a huge leader. [ applause ] mayor lee, and it seems like we might have a quorum with the board of supervisors. i'm sure there is no work getting done over there today because we have been blessed with so many.
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supervisor kim, supervisor yeee, supervisor cohen and supervisor dufty and those are just too name a few. for mercy, these opportunitis are just few and far between. we were talking earlier, barry and i about how many people st. anthony's sees on a regular basis. these 89 affordable housing units and one manager's unit is an unbelievable accomplishment. and the sad thing it's just a drop in the bucket compared to the need we have. i think all of you know that, which is why you are here today. we're blessed to have the leader here today and i wish all your colleagues in congress could be as supportive as you have been over the years so people would understand the need. unfortunately with the situation that we have nationally, the funding for programs like this are really stretched and there is a ot

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